International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration

  • The International Nucleotide Sequence Databases (INSD) have been developed and maintained collaboratively between DDBJ, ENA, and GenBank for over 18 years.
  • The INSDC advisory board, the International Advisory Committee, is made up of members of each of the databases' advisory bodies. At their most recent meeting, members of this committee unanimously endorsed and reaffirmed the existing data-sharing policy of the three databases that make up the INSDC, which is stated below.
  • Individuals submitting data to the international sequence databases should be aware of INSDC policy.

How to submit data

  • For full details of how to submit data to the databases, please select a collaborating partner.
  • DDBJ, ENA, GenBank
  • The INSDC Feature Table Definition Document is available here.