A new qualifier was introduced in version 10.6 (October 2016) of the Feature table definitions to be supported from 15-OCT-2016: /recombination_class

In February 2017 the controlled vocabulary values containing the suffix 'recombination' were updated to have these removed. For example:

/recombination_class="meiotic_recombination" was changed to /recombination_class="meiotic"

The text below outlines the format and the present list of allowed controlled vocabulary.

Qualifier: /recombination_class

Definition: a structured description of the classification of recombination hotspot region within a sequence

Value format: "TYPE"




Comment: TYPE is a term taken from the INSDC controlled vocabulary for recombination classes:

meiotic: A genomic region in which there is an exchange of genetic material as a result of the repair of meiosis-specific double strand breaks that occur during meiotic prophase

mitotic: A genomic region where there is an exchange of genetic material with another genomic region, occurring in somatic cells.

non_allelic_homologous: A genomic region at a non-allelic position where exchange of genetic material happens as a result of homologous recombination.


other: /recombination_class not included in any other term.

/recombination classes not yet in the INSDC /recombination_class controlled vocabulary can be annotated by entering /recombination_class="other" with /note="[brief explanation of novel /recombination_class]";