Controlled vocabulary for /culture_collection qualifier

This page contains the current definition, format and controlled vocabularly for culture collection qualifier.

The page has been created on Ocober 9, 2013.


Qualifier: /culture_collection=

Definition: institution code and identifier for the culture from which the nucleic acid sequenced was obtained,

with optional collection code.

Value format: “<institution-code>:[<collection-code>:]<culture_id>”

Please note that institution code and collection code are taken from a controlled vocabulary maintained by the INSDC:



Comment: the /culture_collection qualifier should be used to annotate live microbial and viral cultures,

and cell lines that have been deposited in curated culture collections; microbial cultures in personal or

laboratory collections should be annotated in strain qualifiers;

annotation with a culture_collection qualifier implies that the sequence was obtained from a sample

retrieved (by the submitter or a collaborator) from the indicated culture collection, or that the sequence

was obtained from a sample that was deposited (by the submitter or a collaborator) in the indicated culture 

collection; annotation with more than one culture_collection qualifier indicates that the sequence was obtained

from a sample that was deposited (by the submitter or a collaborator) in more than one culture collection.

culture_id and institution_code are mandatory, collection_code is optional.