Controlled vocabulary for /gap_type qualifier

This page contains the current definition, format and controlled vocabularly for gap_type qualifier.

The page has been created on Ocober 9, 2013. Last updated on December 6, 2017.


Qualifier: /gap_type=

Definition: type of gap connecting components in records of a genome assembly,

or the type of biological gap in a record that is part of a genome assembly;

Value format: “between scaffolds”, “within scaffold”, “telomere”, “centromere”,

“short arm”, “heterochromatin”, “repeat within scaffold”, “repeat between scaffolds”, “contamination”, “unknown”


/gap_type=”between scaffolds”

/gap_type=”within scaffold”

Comment:  This qualifier is used only for assembly_gap features and its values

are controlled by the AGP Specification version 2.0: