Controlled vocabulary for /country qualifier

A new qualifier was introduced in version 2.1 (December 15, 1998) of the Feature table definitions: /country. This new qualifier is used to indicate the country of origin of a sequenced sample

The text below outlines the format and the present list of allowed countries

Qualifier: /country=””

Definition: Locality of isolation of the sequenced sample indicated in terms of political names for nations, oceans or seas, followed

by regions and localities.

Value format: “any country from annex 7.5.7 of the Feature Table documentation”

Example: “Canada”

Comment: /country should be a single token taken from the controlled list of annex 7.5.7 of the Feature Table documentation.

/country can also have the following format: country:sub_region, such as: /country=”Canada:Vancouver”.

Country List to be included in Feature Table Definition Document

Authority: ISDC

Contact: NCBI

Scope: /country=””

COUNTRY LIST based on information from: and

Historical Country Names

Revised October 31, 2014