Recommendations for vocabulary in INSDC /inference qualifiers

The /inference qualifier provides a structured description of non-experimental evidence that supports feature identification or assignment. It allows data provides to point by name to data resources and tools that were implicated in the identification of the parent feature. These recommendations for choice of names for data resources and tools to be used in /inference annotations are provided in order to render features carrying the /inference qualifier more searchable and machine-readable.

Name of data resource/tool Recommended acronym
International Nucleotide Sequence Database INSD
NCBI Reference Sequence Database RefSeq
UniProt Knowledgebase UniProtKB
The database of Clusters of Orthologous Groups of proteins COGs
The Protein Family Database PFAM
NCBI Conserved Domain Database CDD
The InterPro Database of Protein Families, Domains and Functional Sites InterPro
CATH domain structure database CATH
Evidence Code Ontology ECO
Digital Object Identifier (citations) DOI
PubMed Identifier (citations) PMID

Revised August 9, 2012