/submitter_seqid qualifier recommendation document

A new qualifier /submitter_seqid has been introduced with Feature Table document version 10.7, as an optional qulaifier for source feature.

This quaifier is to be attributed to each sequence within an assembly. This identifier is appropriate for WGS, TSA, TLS and CON records. The submitter_seqid should be unique within the context of a single set of assembled sequences.

The length of the value should be limited to <51 charaters. Spaces,  greater than (>), left/right square brackets ([ ]) and vertical bar (|) in addition to double quotation marks (“) can not be used for the value of /submitter_seqid qualifier.

Qualifier: /submitter_seqid=

Value format: “text”

Example: /submitter_seqid=”NODE_1″